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Author Topic: Vietnam Veterans Day  (Read 859 times)

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Offline glenn57

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over yonder there's a thread that today is Vietnam veterans day........ SOOOO heres to all the vets that served over there. they way they got treated was  :bs: when they came home.

and also a HUGE KIUDOS to anyone else that served in any other conflict!!!!!! the real heroes!!!!! :happy1:
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Offline mike89

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all vets served with honor, I'm from that time frame but my orders were upgraded so I never served in country...  still paid a price...   so along with your salute I also salute all vets period...   just met one vet last night that is a walking picture for helping vets with the service dogs...    thanks Glenn!!!    :happy1: :happy1:
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Offline LPS

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Kudos to all of you.

Offline Dotch

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Agreed, all vets are to be honored. I do have a special place in my heart for the Vietnam vets. A lot of them were treated like crap upon their return and like one of my decorated Nam vet customers said, they were never really given the opportunity to win that war. One of the first Vietnam vets I had as a customer in ND was a gunner on a helicopter shot down behind enemy lines. As a result his hearing was severely impaired and he'd burned his hands badly on his machine gun. They fought their way out and made it back to friendly territory alive. I was just glad they had the war wrapped up before I was of age. Had been watching it on TV since the mid-60's up thru the copters being dumped into the ocean in '75. The country was very tired of war by then and even abolished the draft for a few years. I never even had to register. I still feel very fortunate. Always tried to give vets extra in my business and to those who are friends   
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Offline LPS

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I graduated in 72 so were pretty much done drafting. 

Offline Jerkbiat

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I salute to all of you!!
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