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Author Topic: Boat battery set up  (Read 328 times)

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Offline Pulleye16

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I went from two batteries, to three batteries, and want to go back to two batteries.

How do you set up your boat batteries if only running two?

Main motor (90hp)
Auxiliary equipment (radio/lights/etc)
Trolling motor
Fish finder

When running three batteries, I did one for the main motor and auxiliary equip. One for trolling and one for fish finder.

With only two batteries, would you do one for main motor, auxiliary, and fish finder, and one for the trolling motor? 

Online LPS

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Yup.  I have two for the bow mount and the other for main motor and acc.

Offline Gunner55

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Yeah, that's how ours is set up too. Only the TM is connected up front & everything else is hooked up to the outboard starting battery in the rear. We have room for 2 batteries in the front, so that's what we've always run. We used to run a 12v TM but we went 24v last season. The TM can cause interference on your graphs if they're hooked up the other way.
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Online glenn57

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i have 2 also......and dont have a clue how i hooked them up.  :surrender: maybe changes every year. there both in the back in a seperate compartment opposite the gas tank.

for the motor, accessories, locator trolling motor and my wifes anchor mate!!!!!
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Offline Boar

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Offline Pulleye16

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  well…isn’t this what you get when search google???  :crazy: :crazy:

Offline Bobberineyes

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We only have 2 also, the trolling motor and front finder run off 1 and the main battery handles everything else including the main finder, bilge, live wells, radio, lights..