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Author Topic: Morning and Evening Bite Best on LOW  (Read 226 times)

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On the south end...   A very good week of walleye fishing with good numbers of fish being caught by charter boats and smaller private boats.

As is the norm this time of year, a jig and frozen emerald shiner was the go to presentation for walleyes.  Most boats are anchored up and vertically jigging.  The best jig colors varied but gold/glow white, gold/pink/glow white and gold/orange were great color combinations.

Not every walleye is targeting the same forage in the lake, hence, depths can vary.  As a rule, 21 - 32 feet of water was best.  Various areas across the south shore are holding fish. 

Jumbo perch, pike and a few crappies in the mix with walleyes and saugers.

On the Rainy River...  The best bite on the river for walleyes has been morning and evening using a jig and minnow.  With heavy flow from local rain, current breaks have been effective.

Trolling crankbaits along shoreline breaks against the current in 6 - 12' of water will produce a mixed bag.

For those targeting bronzebacks (smallmouth bass), shoreline current breaks, areas with rock and structure around bridges has been good.  The river is full of smallies that receive little attention with all of the walleyes around.

Up at the NW Angle...  A great week of fishing amongst the island area of Lake of the Woods.  Various fronts coming through as well as various bug hatches throughout the summer may affect fishing, but there are always fish biting somewhere in these parts.

Most guests staying up at the Angle head across the border and fish amongst the many islands which is smaller water.  Others prefer staying on the MN side and fishing the variety of structure this portion of the lake offers.  Good fishing on both sides. 

Some anglers are finding walleyes in 5-7' of water.  Other areas hold fish in 22-28 feet of water.  Much of this depends upon the forage walleyes in that part of the lake are focusing on.

The goto presentation is a jig and minnow.  Pulling spinners with shiners or crawlers and trolling crankbaits also catching walleyes, especially when they are spread out or scattered.  Crankbait colors of shiny gold and pink UV firetiger were effective this week. 

Walleye anglers are catching some big pike, which is common in these parts.

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