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Author Topic: Eight vehicles go through ice  (Read 2582 times)

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Anyone hear about the 8 vehicles going through the ice on Lake Washington this weekend?

Here is the story:

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Offline JohnWester

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all I can say is... dopes.
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People are just plain stupid. There is no other excuse.


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can we say stupid!!! :bonk:
Troy Hamann

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seriously how many ppl actually think...buddys are on the ice but atleast they aint driving. i dont drive out on the ice at all no matter how thick just to paranoid about it

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Let me guess before I read it that they all parked next to each other because there is safety in numbers
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Fools? - Yes! But, I have seen this a few times arround the st cloud area already this year. not me.
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i would say that there was 20 to 25 trucks there when we got there at 12:30 i told my son that is not good as we parked on land and unloaded 1 truck even had a trailor behind it he parked on ice and unloaded his 4 wheeler(i thought you would bring that so you dont have to park on the ice)


the pic below was the truck with the trailor on it
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that looks very expensive.. insurance wont cover it either..
thanks for the pics!

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