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Author Topic: The Gripe Site  (Read 65108 times)

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Offline mike89

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see it every year on the ice and in the water..  be nice to catch the slobs... 
a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!!

Offline LPS

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When I lived in Stillwater I got my first yellow lab puppy.  In the fall I would take him for a walk at the Boom Site north of town along the river.  Not many people there at that time of year.  I brought a garbage bag with me every time.  They sign said no dogs but since hardly anyone was there I still brought him and picked up garbage.  I got garbage every time too.

Offline dutchboy

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If a person hits any body of water in Minnesota and can't find trash they aren't looking very hard.

As sad as it is, littering is NOTHING compared to the 60's and mid 70's. Back then it was a absolute embarrassment.
TIP line: ​ 800-652-9093.  Don't be afraid to call

Online Gunner55

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The Lake Assoc. has adopted 3 mile of roads on both ends of the lake. They pick up both sections twice a year, Spring / Fall, & I volunteered a couple years. Now I just cruise the part by our place on the wheeler with my special tool while putting my findings in the wire basket mounted to the front of wheeler myself a few times a season. The section where they turn to go over to the NW Bowstring PA is usually really bad, especially in the Spring.  :pouty:
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