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Lake Of The Woods Fishing Report

On the south end... Ice is forming, but other than some back bays, it isn't ready quite yet. Mother Nature is on track. Some resorts are making the prediction of December 10th for day houses being out, give or take, but at this point, this isn't set in stone and time will tell. There are cold temps in the forecast and things look optimistic.

Many resorts and outfitters have been checking ice conditions. When the time is right, resorts and outfitters will slowly and safely begin marking and grooming trails for ice travel.

Please remember, ice conditions vary greatly in different parts of the lake. One ice road can have good ice that has been checked and marked while down the shoreline there may be ice not suitable for travel yet. Work through resorts and outfitters on the ice and stay on the marked trails for safety.

Anticipation is high as the walleye and sauger fishing this fall was good and fish were staged in good numbers along the south shore.

On the Rainy River... Much of the Rainy River is frozen up. Things are progressing but it certainly needs cold weather and some time.

Ice conditions vary and on the river there is current, so much like the lake, we encourage visitors to work through a resort or outfitter for safety.

Up at the NW Angle... Ice is forming nicely and is right on track for this year's ice fishing season. There has been no ice fishing yet as resorts are simply monitoring ice conditions at this time, waiting until the ice is thicker before marking trails and getting fish houses out.

Fall fishing was excellent with walleyes in good numbers along with some monster pike being caught. All indications point to good fishing when the ice is ready as the fish are there.

Driving through Canada to reach the Angle no longer requires COVID vaccinations or the use of the ArriveCan App (which is optional).

For those looking to access the Angle while avoiding customs, there are few options.

1. When ice conditions allow, the snowmobile trail will be groomed and staked from the south shore up to the Angle.

2. The Lake of the Woods Passenger service provides round trip bombardier service across the lake.

3. Lake Country Air provides air service to both the south end and NW Angle.

A complete list of lodging, fish house rentals and sleeper fish house rentals at



Cookie's Red

Lake Fishing



I'am not ready to battle mother nature, A dusting of snow tuesday night followed by 30 mph winds basically packed 4 feet of snow down on our lake shore in front of the houses. ERRRR. Blue thunder got its first good workout yesterday when i got home from a trip to Bemidji. I spent close to 3 hours plowing snow. I got stuck twice, where I had to dig out with the number 2 shovel. I still have some more to do today but was able to get done around 8 30 just before we had a few guests arrive., I did drive onto the lake about 100 yards . We have a few extra guest camping down there this weekend so they will be on the lake shore on ice.
Wow the crack down at JRs sure made the news as the story keeps getting crazier. Had a guy call today that wanted to know how many houses went down? The national news said 200 fishermen were stranded floating on an iceberg.
The guest we had down there tuesday all left a day early as those winds were wicked. 4 groups of 2 and 3 guys. The best figured they got 20 fish, the others were poor 1, 1, 3, with a few lookers.
Still do not have a full-time helper this year, I do have help here and there, but she is going to take some extra planning this year, then throw in mother nature. This may be the most challenging year I'll ever have. I'll take all the prayers people want to dish out. Time to get dressed for outside. I have plenty to do on a grand lake that owes us nothing.


Bird hunter survives attack from nearly 700-pound grizzly


by Associated Press

GREAT FALLS, Mont. A nearly 700-pound grizzly bear charged out of thick brush southeast of Glacier National Park, attacking and injuring a bird hunter before the man shot the animal, Montana wildlife officials said Wednesday.

The 51-year-old Washington state man, whose name and hometown were not released, was left with injuries that were not life-threatening after the encounter Oct. 16 in a creek bottom east of the town of Choteau, said officials with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

The man and his wife were hunting on private property when their dogs went on point, said Dave Hagengruber, spokesperson for the state wildlife department. He went to flush a bird when the 677-pound male bear charged out of the brush, knocked the man over and stepped on him, Hagengruber said.

The man fired at the bear with a shotgun and a handgun, wounding the animal, which returned to the cover of the thick brush, wildlife officials said.

The couple and their dogs left and notified authorities.

Grizzly bears are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act, but state and federal wildlife officials decided the bear had to be euthanized because of its injuries. A drone was used to locate the bear, Hagengruber said.

The man did not suffer claw or bite marks, but did spend the night in the hospital, Hagengruber said.

The bear had no known previous history of human conflict and had never been handled by bear managers, officials said. Evidence at the site suggested the attack was the result of a surprise encounter.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks urged bird hunters to exercise caution in and around Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area south of Ronan after the grizzly encounter.

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