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Author Topic: How did you find MNO?  (Read 36234 times)

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Offline Ude Lake Tom

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A good unionist thought I might enjoy his company here. :laugh: :laugh:
Volcomin ULT,57 needs help are you a psychoanilist??
Some may say I am a little psycho, but Glenn only needs help when it comes to catching fish, at least, that is what some tell me.
Give him at lite beer for his physique and he is fine. :bonk: :bonk:

Online glenn57

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got me pegged on da  :toast: but i do just fine wit da  :fish2: :fish2: :fishing: :old fisherman: :stillfish: :stillfish: :party3: head_banger-3532.gif
2015 deer slayer!!!!!!!!!!

Offline Lee Borgersen

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                        :reporter; Here's my story and I'm stickin to it!

 One day many years ago when I was just a boy on March 10, 2006,  a strange voice came to me and it echoed... echoed..... echoed

  "Follow Me Into The Light"

So, I did and when I got to the other side I was in The Land Of MNO.

 :popcorn: So endith the story.

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If you help someone when they're in trouble, they will remember you when they're in trouble again

Offline Rebel SS

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You sure you and Glenn weren't munching on those little dotted mushrooms?  :scratch:

Offline infamousdave

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Another member told me about MNO after RebelSS got kicked out of HSO....LOL    :smiley:

Offline Jerkbiat

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Sounds like he got kicked off of there because he spent time over here. And somebody was butthurt over it.
Hey look your bobber is up!