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Author Topic: cookies upper red lake report from the shores of upper red lake  (Read 219252 times)

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3 years doing this here on the shores of upper red lake. Every year mother nature seems to give us something different. With all the warm temps we were lucky the fog and clouds kept the sun from doing his damage. The rain we had last week had me a little worried as the water was going down the holes like a toilet being flushed over and over and over. We did drill some extra holes around some houses to stop all the water going down just one hole. When the temps dropped the water slowed down by morning most of the water was gone other than some spots the water was too deep to freeze in one night. As of yesterday, I would say 99 percent of any standing water has refrozen. I did see just a couple holes that were close to be big enough for a tire drop in. There really is no way to check every inch of ice out there so that's why they say ice is never 100 percent safe. In the last week I have not measured any thing under 19 inches. Hillmans bridge again. Finding a good spot was quite the chore as the pressure ridge had gotten quite a bit wider. You could see why Buddy Hillman did not want wheelhouses to go over it as some would have been stranded up to 6 hours as that's about how long it took to find and prep a new spot. We were able to still get to our clients, but it was around about way. This past weekend three vehicles tried to cross the south side of hillman's highway. When it cracked and sank it basically created another pressure ridge. As I have said over and over for years if it doesn't look right don't drive over it. All three had to be jerked out.
 Now for the fishing report I had heard that a few wheelhouses that set up a lot shallower caught quite a few fish over the weekend.
 Our houses all did very well with most catching more than a few. We did get our old friend ole to come up before the rain and he was just tickled pink to catch 10 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies Plus his 4 walleyes. It made up for the previous week when he had gotten skunked.
 I was able to enjoy old Minnesota a couple times even landing a couple fish.
 Jonny boy and his sweetheart heather\feather fished old minnesota  catching a few of the ever elusive but still catchable upper red lake crappies. She managed to set the hook and land 7.
 North dakota had Tony and his family they took home their limit of walleyes plus a couple bonus crappies.
 Florida has Jessica and her son and his friend they have caught a variety of fish all three days. Austin her son wants her to by florida fish house.
 Boar and his wife were in Montana Boar figured they caught more than a few fish over 50.
 Colorado had Kyle and his buddy's they had fantastic fishing.
  Tn had Steve and Magen they only landed 15 fish but did miss quite a few.
 Texas did the worst off all the houses? They had a grand time anyway.
 Utah has Britt and his dad they caught fish the first night saturday and planned on keeping fish last night. Let's hope that plan works.
 Friday was a chore trying to bank the house as all the snow was gone. As the temps dropped, we did get a little bit of snow but good old mother nature had to throw in 25 mile per hour winds.
Now looking at the extended forecast we will start making more ice by Wednesday, Thursday. We do have Tennessee open next weekend plus some houses open during mid-week and next. The big game fish season has only 12 nights left, wow what a crazy winter.
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ow just 7 evenings of big game fish left for the season. Mother nature sure threw us a couple curves this year. With record warmth, lack of snow, rain, 4 degrees this morning.
 the fishing went from great to just so so for all our houses.
 Colorado probably had the best fishing of the fleet. They caught 15 walleyes 4 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies, a couple perch they also missed 18 fish.
 Darrin did get 9 elusive upper red lake crappies Saturday night. plus 5 walleyes and quite a few scuffits. I have always said if your getting very small walleyes the crappies are in the area.
 Texas had decent fishing thursday then she fizzled out.
 California had a few fish, The guys in alaska and utah went with the snowbear friday and it was ugly only landing 3 fish, sounds like he did much better saturday.
 I set Rod up with his wheelhouse they did get a couple elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies 4 plus a few walleyes.
 Old minnesota has just done all right, Heather did get an elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. She also lost a big walleye at the hole. They love the charm of old minnesota and I expect to see them again.
 Tennessee just did so so with 2 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies and 5 walleyes.
 North dakota and florida had rick, lenny, len jr.and Mike? those two houses had the poorest fishing only getting a handful of fish.
 Montana had Jason and his two boys they also managed to get a few fish but nothing to brag about.
  Yesterday I drove from this end of the lake all the way to rodgers  in black beauty 1\2ton truck in 2-wheel drive. I cannot believe all the area that looks like no one has fished all year. There is a area I would like to get to I have been trying to get back to that area for years. This may be the year. Jake will be coming up towards the end of the week. I going to talk him into going out there with me if mother nature cooperates.
 I have been reading all the archive's from years ago. 2015 was the year we pounded on the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie, that was the year we all had the magical fishing that this grand lake can offer.
 Watching all these fishermen with the cheatmaster3000 fish eliminator as my brother and I call it. The poor crappies do not have a chance. I know we sure would like to keep catching them for the next 20 years. The hammer and I sometimes will keep 3 with noodles and veggies is enough with left over fish. My personal opinion if you harvest fish with the cheatmaster 3000 fish eliminator you should at least only be able to keep half your limit. Watching 6 guys keep 60 is tough to swallow. The dnr  does not manage this lake for these special fish she is a walleye lake. They have been doing a fantastic job with the walleyes in my opinion. I never expected to see trophy walleyes.
 We're hoping to do some tip up pike fishing the next few days as it's always fun to tie into a big fish.
 We have a few open houses for the week and a full house the last weekend of big game fishing. Our plans are the same as every year for the past 23 years to stay out looking for the mother lode of the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Will have to keep a eye on the pressure ridges, plus have some back up plans for getting the fleet home. Yesterday the crew and buddy hillman had to move the bridge again. I can see why he does not want wheelhouses going over it as they spent close to 2 hours chopping and giving the trucks a good workout. It now sounds like they are again working on it out there at this time.
 I also plan on fishing every night just to enjoy the relaxation. Might even talk the hammer into spending the night out there on a grand lake that owes us nothing.
Cookie's on Upper Red Lake

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