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Author Topic: Vikes vs Lions  (Read 3173 times)

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Offline Jerkbiat

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Congrats Coop!!
Hey look your bobber is up!

Offline markn

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Good call Coop.

Offline LPS

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Good for you Coop

Offline Bobberineyes

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Nicely done Coop!!

Offline Cooperman

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Thanks all, I actually turned the game off in the second quarter. Went and did some chores. Thought for sure they would lose.

Offline LPS

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I almost turned it off too.  What a game and congrats Coop.

Offline Steve-o

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I switched over to the radio so I could get some work done.

I didn't think they had a chance until the Lions went for the long field goal.

Good ol' Paul Allen:  "And now [the Vikes] have a chip, chair, and a chance."   :bonk: