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Author Topic: Carlos Avery & Mille Lacs WMA  (Read 342 times)

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Updates on Carlos Avery, Mille Lacs WMA planning     
The Minnesota DNR’s updates of major unit wildlife management area master plans continues. These WMAs are large in acreage and are popular hunting, trapping and wildlife-watching destinations.

As part of updating the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area master plan, we’re asking for input from people interested in the 24,600-acre WMA. There are several opportunities to engage in the planning process: an online questionnaire, in-person and online public meetings, and you can send written comments. Find all the details are on the DNR’s Carlos Avery WMA page.

You can also check out the finalized update to the management plan for the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area. The new plan, finalized after a public input process, reflects up-to-date science as well as public values and perspectives on how the land should be managed into the future. The final plan is available on the DNR’s Mille Lacs WMA page.

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Sadly, most of these state areas are getting like picked over wastelands that's hard to find even a rabbit or squirrel in.   :undecided:
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Yep I won't step out of my truck in Carlos. Mille Lacs is getting worse too. To many camps of 10-20 people.  :crazy:

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I've never been to either,  but have heard some stories.  A buddy brought me up to Nemadji years ago which was also loaded with people.

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I deer hunted Nemadji for a couple years and yes its busy. I don't want to make it sound as bad as I did there, but Carlos used to be a nice place to hunt. Last time I went there to squirrel hunt we had 22 rounds hitting tree's around us and bugged out of there. I duck hunted Mille Lacs WMA for years and when we started doing it there was others around, but then it ended up with large camps of people and the wildlife populations suffered.