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Cookie's Red Lake Fishing Report


Going out with a hot bite for sure. The Wisconsin boys Paul and Evan teamed up with Jake and the boys Gabriel and Lakken figures they caught over 100 fish  . Jake ate fish cooked by westwind every evening. The second day with all of our fish Jake took 6 lbs of fish to get them cooked.
 The hammer and I spent two evenings having dinner in old minnesota  missing more fish then we caught.
 Sean, Chad,  Dave and Wyatt  ate fish in montana the first night. They packed up yesterday with a few more fresh fish to take home.
 As the season winds down we start looking for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. We have me looking one way , johnny boy another.  Then jake going where no man has gone before. Were thinking the spot we have been looking is to infested with walleyes to find the mother load. Fun catching all these fish for sure. Then out of no ware a big old famous fish fools you at the hole. Its been a treat watching the hammer in action. I'm still having a hoot with the chubby darters. Now jake has challenged me to catch a elusive upper red lake crappie with one. I think if I have the right color it could be lites out.
 I have a idea where I want old minnesota sunday evning as the season ends. I'm  really hoping that spot pans out. Only time will tell but I may know by next monday morning? I might even have to break out the fish call .
 I set up Tim with his wheel housemonday .Yesterday if said he caught a fish all day about every half hour.
 We also set Ken and his buddy's up yesterday .They have 7 keepers so far. No crappies though. Pesky  bottom feeding walleyes.
 Time to get busy for the day as I again plan to wet a line at the bewitching hour with my fishing partner the hammer.
 We have california open this last weekend as well as another cancelation This time florida is wide open. She will be on a fresh spot also


High Banks On Lake Winnie Fishing Report

Updated Ice road map!!! Separate area designated for our reserved HWK guests.
More fishing reports.......16' - 20', but staying mobile is key and in as deep as 25' of water best action, perch, pike and walleye!
We have plowed ice roads, accepting trucks with wheel houses. Plowed spots for wheel houses to park. No reservations required. 16-18" of ice, 6" of snow. $15/day or $40/ 3 day pass.
Fatheads available for sale. Limited food carry out menu. Option for dine in now available, must comply with covid mandates. Extremely limited capacity.
High Banks Resort 218 246 2560



Northland Fishing Tackle® pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl shares tackle tips to catch more panfish.
BEMIDJI, Minn. (December 8, 2020) – Anglers are starting to hit the ice with a bullseye on big bull bluegills, slab crappies and jumbo perch. To help you succeed, we talked with Northland pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl about his top five panfish baits.

“Putting together a comprehensive panfish box with lots of options is critical,” says Bro. “You want some jigs with a fast rate of fall. Tungsten gets down and delivers bait in deeper water or situations where you’re in a hurry to get in front of the fish’s face. You also want traditional lead lures. Lead is easier to form, so you’ve got some cool shapes and slower fall rates. You also want minnow baits to round out the panfish collection.”

The first bait Bro makes sure is in his box is Northland’s Tungsten Punch™ Fly.

1. Punch Fly

The Tungsten Punch™ Fly is a buggy version of the Tungsten Punch™ Jig, yet offers many of the same benefits as its brother. With an increased weight-to-size ratio and rapid fall rate that’s 20% faster than traditional tungsten, this bait fishes fast and gets eaten faster. Invertebrates and suspended zooplankton are the preferred prey of many panfish species, and this jig stands out…but while fitting in. The lifelike larva hackle is a caddis and mayfly impostor, while an undulating soft hackle at the head of the jig mimics a breathing and swimming insect. A faster fall rate means quick-to-the-fish, getting a smaller jig deeper. Once a big bull or massive crappie eyes the Tungsten Punch™ Fly, simply kill or quiver it for a lifelike breathing hackle action. A premium wide-gap hook ensures quick hookups, too. The generously sized hook also provides ample room for rigging plastics or slathering with wax worms or maggots.

  • Tungsten bead head
  • Falls 20% faster than other tungsten bead heads
  • Wide gap hook for ultimate hooking percentage
  • Soft and chewy hackle wrap

“The Tungsten Punch Fly is a great lure for targeting big bluegills, jumbo perch and crappies because it resembles insect larvae coming out of the mud. It has lifelike hackles that resemble the cilia of insect life, and like its name says, it punches through slush and gets down fast. The Tungsten Punch Fly has a unique strong hook that buries itself in the roof of the fish’s mouth. There are match-the-hatch colors, and you can even add a maggot or a waxworm for added flavoring,” comments Bro.

Bro likes to drop it in and slowly jig all the way to the bottom. In ten feet of water, he’ll stop about five feet down and slowly work it to the bottom. “If the fish are aggressive, I’ll drop it fast on ‘em. But if they’re holding to the bottom and don’t come up to greet it as it’s dropping, then I’ll pound the bottom stirring up mud and that usually gets them going. Slow twitches are key. It’s imitating an insect. Subtle and long pauses work best. Read the behavior of the fish with your jig strokes. You can even add a minnow under a deadstick. Even for lethargic big bluegills, just slowly raising it and dropping it is the kicker. And holding the bait above them so it silhouettes can be key.”


  1. Bro Bling Jig

Designed by Bro and the Northland staff, Bro’s Bling Jig is built for jumbo panfish. Fish it with a mix of glides, pauses, shimmies and darting movements. Choose a variety of tippings, including scented softbaits like the IMPULSE® Water Flea and Skeleton Minnow, or any waxy-like live bait.

  • Over-sized bug eyes and realistic larvae body shape
  • Flash attracting blades alert fish to eat
  • Flat belly provokes swimming and darting action when jigged

“The Bro Bling Jig is a wide-bodied bait that falls fast, has a flat bottom so it scoots forward, a sticky-sharp hook, and comes in match-the-hatch colors. It also has a flicker blade—not a spinner blade because there’s no swivel—to flash the fish in. When fish get close, they smell the waxy or minnow and eat it. The Bro Bling Jig is great for getting down to the fish fast with a forward moving action due to its shape. I always like to say that the Bro Bling Jig blings them in! In ice fishing, we’re not casting out and reeling in to have a spinner spin. In ice fishing you want the refraction of light, you want flash, you want noise. And having a spinner hanging down looks like a fin. From a distance it really rings the dinner bell,” remarks Bro.

  1. Forage Minnow® Jig

The renowned Forage Minnow® Jig flashes and flutters up strikes from jumbo panfish. It produces an incredibly tempting minnow action with a variety of jig strokes when tipped with a minnow head or other live bait. It’s also equally effective deadsticking with a lightly hooked live minnow.

  • The country’s hottest minnow imitating jigging lure
  • Features a highly reflective “Holographic” Baitfish-Image® design that imitates game fishes’ most desired forage
  • Holographic 3-D eyes make this the most realistic looking minnow jig on the market

“The Forage Minnow Jig is cool because it is a lifelike copy of a real swimming shiner, fathead, little baby bluegill or crappie. With a jig-style hook, it’s great for tipping with waxworms, maggots, a minnow head or full minnow. You can use it on a deadstick, set-line, tip-up or cork line. You can also just jig it. Plus, when you jig it, the Forage Minnow Jig kicks, which draws fish in. For big panfish, it’s a deadly choice. It has quite a following with slab crappie catchers,” says Bro.

  1. Forage Minnow® Fry

The Forage Minnow® Fry mimics a juvenile panfish to tempt perch, sunfish and crappies. The flat body generates an erratic action when vertically jigged, while the extended hook shank is ideal for tipping with soft plastics such as the IMPULSE Zoo Plankton, which will be available soon.

  • Features a lifelike “holographic” Baitfish-Image® body
  • Flashes & flutters to imitate gamefishes’ most desired forage; a “young-of-the-year” minnow fry
  • Deadly on Perch, Sunfish, Crappie, Walleye & Trout

Bro comments, “In the world of ice fishing jigs, the Forage Minnow Fry is incredibly lifelike. It has a little bigger hook and is great for using a crappie minnow, a small fathead, or a couple wax worms. It looks like a swimming bluegill, shiner or crappie minnow. The Forage Minnow Fry matches-the-hatch and is deadly on big panfish. It features a holographic Baitfish-Image body, which is a tried and true pattern. It’s pretty much a no-brainer and a go-getter for big bluegills, crappies and perch.”

  1. Gill-Getter Jig

Don’t let the name fool you, the Gill-Getter® not only racks up big bluegills, but all other kinds of panfish as well. Its realistic SlabBelly® bug-shaped body responds well to rod twitches by darting, juking and spiraling like terrified prey. Tip with an IMPULSE® soft plastic or live bait.

  • Features a realistic “flat-belly” bug body
  • Bulging bug eyes & fish-scale glitter
  • For best results, tip with live bait or soft plastic tail

Bro always carries an ample supply of Gill-Getter Jigs. Bro comments, “The Gill-Getter is one of my all-time favorite ice jigs because it has a flat bottom, bulging eyes, mandible jaw and it’s tear-dropped shaped with a flatter taper like an invertebrate, tadpole, or emerging frog. Fish recognize the shape. It scoots as you jig it and drops down nose first. And the Gill-Getter has a see-saw fall to it. Add waxies, maggots, or a minnow for extra attraction. You’ve got match-the-hatch colors and a sticky sharp hook. It’s just a good all-around bait wherever you fish.”

Parting Words

As you’re assembling your panfish ice tackle boxes, take Bro’s recommendations to heart. When it comes to panfish experts, Bro has more time and experience on the ice than just about anyone and is happy to share what works for him. Whether you’re chasing big bull bluegills, slab crappies, or jumbo perch, we’re certain Bro’s top baits will produce for you!


Cookie's Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

Our first weekend on the ice was a little slow for us. Chris in  North Dakota with his boys had some good action the first 16 hours then she just fizzled out.
 Dan and Mel had Florida for the weekend . They only managed to get 4 keepers. They did have a grand time on a grand lake and will be back tomorrow for a Christmas vacation.
 Montana had another customer that has been coming for years . Leroy his son Scott and Scotts daughter Nataly. They only managed a couple fish at best.
 California had Joe and his family Kathy,Lucy and Izec? They all ready made plans for next year same dates. Even though the fishing was slow they did enjoy there stay.
 Wayne came for old Minnesota. We played some cards, watched some movies. Wayne is a dear friend of mine that we worked together in the auto body trade. He came in saturday and sunday to help with some  truck windows plus a door on the red baron.. It will make it a little easier to go on the lake with window that are closed.. he lost 3 fish and only landed two.
 We moved Larry and Dan yesterday . They have been fishing in Kentucky our ice castle. They have gotten a few fish but nothing to brag about.
 It sure would of been nice to say limits were caught?
 Jonny boy and I got all the houses moved into a new area. There spread out so we will see what happens.
Brian and Stacy checked into montana yesterday. They have also been coming up for years. We also checked in Dan and his buddy Jerry into florida. Later today we will see if they had any  action.
 Were back to square one with the red baron as we have good fuel pressure. Sure would be nice to figure out the problem.
 I 'm going to pick up a timing light today, I'm not even sure when was the last time I used a timing light. I would guess over 20 years.
 Our ice castle Kentucky opened up for this coming weekend 24th 25th 26th?


Ice fishing tips: Stay safe with the proper gear as you tackle first ice

by Jason Revermann

Cooler nights and accumulating snow have dropped temperatures near freezing, and we’ll soon be walking on water again. Take a few steps now to know you’re prepared when ice arrives.

First, pull out all your ice fishing gear and make sure it is ready to go. Rods, reels and tackle are important, but even more important is having the proper safety gear. There are a few items I consider necessities for venturing out on early ice.

For starters, an ice chisel to check ice conditions as I venture out. Having a sharp ice chisel and checking ice thickness as you progress onto the ice is your best line of defense for keeping you safe when moving.

Make sure to have a measuring device to accurately read the thickness as you go. I prefer an ice scoop bent at a 90 degree angle with 1-inch increments marked on the handle. Having a quality chisel and knowing how to use it can keep you out of nearly all disastrous situations. Click HERE to check out a video describing how I venture onto early ice.

Additional gear for early ice would be a good set of ice cleats on your boots to assist in walking and keeping you upright. I also choose to wear a floating ice suit that will keep me afloat if I would ever happen to break through. Having a set of ice picks around your neck or in a pocket can be extra insurance to help you get out of the water. It’s also a good idea to keep your cell phone in a waterproof pocket, holder, or in a sealed bag.

That pretty much has you covered but you can also bring a rope and a floating boat cushion to help someone else who wanders onto unsafe ice.

Ice will arrive like it does every winter, but make sure to check conditions as you go.

Good luck fishing and stay safe!

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