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Author Topic: Things a Smurf won't eat.  (Read 2265 times)

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Since we have to watch what we post (cause the Smurf don't like what normal people eat) we will keep a running list here. Since it will be sticky to the top, it will need to be locked. A Moderator or myself will need to add or subtract from the list.

Glenn's list:

1.  bacon
2.  whipped cream
3.  tater tot hot dish
4.  pancakes
5.  tartar sauce
6.  black olives
7.  waffles
8.  catfish
9.  sweet pickles
10. marshmallows
11. apple juice
12. honey
13, Panko bread crumbs
14. green olives
15. cottage cheese
16. cream style corn
17. mango
18. pickled beets
19. herring in cream sauce
20. cooked or canned pineapple
21. Johnsonville Brats
22. fried green tomatoes
23. sweet potatoes/yams
24. squash
25. maple syrup
26. Panko
27. Rutabaga
28. Cookies with nuts
29. Banana bread with nuts
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