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Author Topic: Baseball is back  (Read 1987 times)

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Offline Ryan

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Finally.  It has been a long winter for me with the Timberwolves being so bad.  I don't expect the Twins to win anything this year, but they should be decent.  I could watch any two teams play and it would not matter to me.

My fantasy team is looking pretty good right now.  If Roger Clemens comes back and pitches like he did last year I will be in really good shape.  I decided to take a chance and draft him in one of the last rounds.

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got my draft next sat....  we always go one week into the season so we be sure of rosters and dl and such...  and it's more fun when you are bidding to say, come on, you WANT him, you NEED him, he's on fire...  knowing full well he's a fluke and will flop in a week.

we are AL only 5x5 roto with ten teams, $260 auction draft, so needless to say it's tough to get a team full of great players.

I just sent in my protections,
I am keeping:
Santana - $20
Konerko $19
Bonderman $3
Brian Roberts $23

should be a good start to a team.
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