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Just a quick follow up on the St. Edwards Ne Denny Cruise family trip. Day two Their daughter and family arrived so Scott Van Lierre helped me and we were in with 36 fish limits by two o'clock Very nice fish with a lot of 18 and 19 inch fish in the bag. We caught the fish on nightcrawlers with either a plain hook or spinner bouncers. in around 5 fow. I am doing a one day follow up on the report I did yesterday because I have been saying how great the bite is and it is. That being said I had a call last night from a guy I had guided a few years back saying he had only caught one walleye in two days and wanted me to guide him today. I could not but it got me thinking maybe I am painting to good a picture as to what is going on with the walleye fishing. The anglers that are experienced are doing very well however if you are coming here thinking it is easy it is not. Many days I fish 10 to 20 spots in depths from 5 fow to 15 fow to find active fish. When we find them it is usually lots of them quick. I have not caught a walleye this year in over 14 fow. I know many fish are being caught in 20 fow or deeper and that is why sometimes finding them is harder. Right now there are fish in many depths spreading them out  and making finding them harder. They are living in the deeper depths and can be caught there but usually are harder to catch. When they go to shore they go to feed hence are much easier to catch. That is appealing to most of us guides as we are not looking to finesse the fish just catch a lot of them and get out of the heat with our customers. The fish are feeding generally every 4 hours were ever they can find bait and in reality there are very few slow bite days. Every day can be a slow day however if you are fishing fish that are done feeding so the guide's look for the feeding fish to make catching easier. Finding fish in shallow water requires lots of moves. Looking for stained water ie mud lines is always a key to shallow water fishing. Also a mindset that they can be on the bank. I hope this report helps eliminate some bad days as none of us like to hear about anglers going home with bad catch days. The lake is full of fish but you have to be versatile many days to come in with limits.  One of the old time guides on the lake years ago always had a favorite reply when you asked him how he caught all the fish he did and he always answered I was just running and gunning. I found out over the years he was right.  Keep moving until you land on the easy ones.


Good fishing Hutch