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To start with I hope that all of you are well and dodging any run in's with this covid 19 virus. This whole situation will require a lot of common sense and discipline to over come so my recommendation to everyone is use common sense and follow all the advice that is out there from both the President and our Governor when it comes to fishing and social gatherings (fishing guide recommendation lol). That being said the fishing is starting to go with catches of both walleye northern and Salmon going on. The main bite for walleye has been of Sharpe from Pierre all the way down to West Bend with weather and current being the big factor. There has been a lot of boats out around Pierre whenever nice days show up and for the most part most boats are coming in with some nice fish. Jigs minnows along with bouncer minnow combinations are the main presentations. Depths on Sharpe vary depending on were you are fishing from 10 fow to 40 fow. On the big lake I have heard of a few salmon being caught and a lot of nice northern pike. Trolling for the salmon shallow is best with bank fishing for the northern with smelt sets the main presentation. Since social distancing is one of the main recommendations on dealing with the 19 stuff I think a lot of people are thinking getting outdoors with safe friends is a great way to end some of the boredom of total isolation. I agree and think that if you use some common sense around boat ramps etc it should be as safe a thing as we can do to keep a life going. This isolationism is good advice however it gets real boring real quick and a trip outdoors is a great way to beat the boredom. I am not a doctor but I have read and seen that sunlight is good and so far I haven't heard of any walleye being carriers so for me hitting the water in the warm spring days is a self prescribed remedy for the hardships imposed on staying isolated. Distancing from other anglers is probably something that specialist government figures recommend and that is a good thing if it saves lives so I will just say using common sense on the water is a lot more prevalent now with this un seen enemy around. Weather is the key to the fishing now but the bite is starting for the anglers that know how to catch the early cold water fish. Have a great Easter.


Good fishing Hutch