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I guided a real nice bunch of guys from Nebraska ramrodded by Doug Hoops. These guys had a planned trip to Lake Erie but found out due to the 19 virus they couldn't buy out of state licenses so headed up here instead. I took them down to west bend on Sharpe and we caught full limits of smallmouth bass (20) along with walleye. We caught probably 18 or more walleye but could only keep 9 of those because of the 15 inch minimum. All in all I think the bite all up and down Sharpe is going and most boats (a lot) are catching plenty of fish. Minnow jig/ Minnow /Bouncer rigs seem to be the best but pulling plugs can be good also especially for bass. Shallow is the word on depths in most places with water temps on Sharpe just starting to get in the 50's.Oahe around Pierre has water temps still in the 40's so all fishing is remaining tough. I do think that warmer days will get things going on the big lake soon as fish start to get more active with warmer water. Caution is for sure still the word all thru SD with the 19 virus. If you are coming be sure to check on places to stay and eating facility's as carry out only is still going on at many local eateries. The state still hasn't opened fish cleaning stations and many restrooms at campgrounds remain closed also. Be prepared to clean you fish in make do areas and use the outdoor bathrooms. A little bit of an inconvenience but if you are like me getting outdoors in some of this great spring weather is worth it. South Dakota folks in general are exercising the Governors recommendations with face masks and social distancing and are state in general is staying on the low end of this covid stuff so far. Governor Noem has trusted the people to do the right thing and I think everyone for the most part have responded favorably. Being in a boat out on the lake seems to me to be one of the better ways to deal with all of this necessary isolationism as long as you use common sense. Knowing who is in the boat with you is part of that. I think the hardest part of this virus is the fact that you could have been exposed or could have it and not know for a few days so caution is still the big word along with common sense. A quick word about our Governor. We elected a farmer rancher gal with a real handle on the above (common sense) and as far as I am concerned is doing just as good a job as anyone could ask. That alone speaks to the fact that you can still come and fish in this state. I hope you appreciate that. I do.


Good fishing Hutch