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I finished the LAHMA group from all over the country in big wind (55 mph when we trailered) getting full limits of fish before the main front moved in. A great bunch of guys that had a fun time even in unfavorable weather conditions. The fishing on Oahe has been exceptional with almost all boats doing well. We caught all the walleye in around 12 fow on nightcrawler/bouncer rigs but a variety of baits like minnows leeches and pulling plugs are working. I also think that in many areas of both Sharpe and Oahe the fish are moving deeper so looking around in 17 fow to 25 fow works in many areas. Oahe is putting out some really nice walleye this year with numbers of 17 to 23 inch walleye in most bags daily. The biggest down side this last week has been winds/weather with some real blow days recently. Wind is a real enemy as boat control is harder and the ability to move locations is limited. Most of the days that we have less than limits are days we have weather related issues. Covid 19 is still an issue so respecting other anglers space around cleaning stations and boat ramps is required. I think the outdoors is a great way to get out of the house and so do a lot of others as the area has been as busy as I have seen it. Lots of boats/fishermen around so be prepared for busy ramps etc. when you come. Lake Sharpe is still putting out limits of over 15 inch fish and that is about to get a lot easier as of the 1st July until the !st of September the 15 inch slot limit goes off and you will be able to keep the smaller fish if you like. The lake is full of 14 inch year class walleye so limiting with these should be even easier. Summer is here so flies are around many days making long pants an item to at least have in your boat if you are going out in Bermuda shorts. Lots of water/ Gator aide type drinks and sun screen in the boat make for safer trips. I also always mention a couple of times a year that finding the walleye/fish (the art of the hunt) for most of us that have been on the water for a long time the best part of fishing. Catching walleye is great fun and eating them is all a great part of the trip but hunting the fish is the part of the sport that can be challenging. It is also the part that separates the average fishermen from the experts. Learning to find the fish and not just finding other boats is the part that is to most experienced anglers is the real fun and also the most rewarding part of the sport. It is all fun though and often people with limited time will fish in community spots and usually catch some fish. If you want more and bigger fish look for spots away from other boats .Surprisingly all the fish in the lake aren't under those ten boats you see grouped up getting away from it all. Learning to look at the skill of finding fish as rewarding makes the sport complete. It can be challenging though and requires time to develop finding fish skills so patience with this part is required. In the end just have appreciation for the great lakes we have to use not to mention the great state they are in.


Good fishing Hutch