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Offline Hutch

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I haven't been keeping these reports up as frequently as mostly fishing has remained the same as the last report but will do an update. This year has been exceptional for big fish all up and down the river with more big fish being caught and reported than in past years going all the way back to the ninety's. I mentioned the 13 lb. walleye weighed in at the CVA group and Guide Paul Steffens won the 4 day tournament they had with 10 fish that weighted a total of over 60 lbs. The big fish are around both on Oahe and Sharpe. It would not surprise me if a new state record walleye comes in in the next year as I think one is out there .Oahe fish continue to be down deep with limits coming from 45fow to 60 fow on different presentations from jigging raps to btm bouncers rigs. Lake Sharpe is very good if you hunt the fish down but that can be harder right now . Once the weed growth dies off on Sharpe the fish will be easier to find. That being said if you find an area the fish and bait are using the fish size on Sharpe is very good with lots of 17 to 20 inch fish being caught . Surprisingly  more big fish are being caught even on Sharpe. I just finished guiding the Sederling brothers Steve and Doug along with running mate Gary Simmons from down Kansas way. These guys are long time repeat customers of mine and they went home with full possession limits of fish that averaged at least 18 inches with a real fat 8lb 3 oz 28 1/4 incher that Steve caught. They also lost another fish at the boat that was I think over 10 lbs. Repeat customers like these guys have been the reason my career has lasted and also the reason I keep fishing. The bite on Sharpe is 10 fow or less and bouncer nightcrawler spinner rigs is what we used. COVID-19  is still around but our Governor Christy Noem has trusted SD people  to observe practical guidelines and so far I think we have been at least above the national curve in some of the lower numbers. I like a Governor that thinks highly of the ability of her constituents to be safe and also think for ourselves and I am a real fan of this farm gal. Probably should stay away from political statements but it is hard for me not to recognize a Gov that has done a great job allowing use to continue to run our business and keep our State open. Anyway the walleye don't seem to be on a COVID vacation and haven't shut down and being outdoors in a boat has been a way for a record amount of people to turn out for some fun. The fishing should start to continue to be very good as the water temps start to come down getting the big lake fish shallower so I am looking forward to a great fall. Stay Safe.


Good fishing Hutch