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Author Topic: Vikes bears blah blah  (Read 1396 times)

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Offline Jerkbiat

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After I came to this site which has been a lot of fun, Boar asked me if I would want to get into a football pool thing. I love football pool things.  I am glad he turned me onto this site and said heck ya I will donate to the pool.  It has been a lot of fun too.  This is probably the last year as I sold my business so may not be able to donate anymore.  We shall see.   Thanks for all of you that partook in the festivities.  It was a blast!
Good thing I got my fish houses all set up then. About the only thing I am missing is a rod holder for the small fish house. Thanks for all the prizes and doing this fellers. It is fun.  :happy1:
Hey look your bobber is up!

Offline markn

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Thanks guys for keeping a bunch of old farts busy during football season.  :happy1: :happy1: