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Author Topic: Apple Trees, Trails, and Plots  (Read 1313 times)

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Offline Smokey Hills Bandit

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It has been another quick summer trying to get a few things done.

Planted 4 more apple trees this spring from MDHA. Dug large holes and mixed 3 bags of top soil and 1 bag of potting soil. Topped with 2 large bags a mulch. Disheartening to see that our orchard was hit with Fire Blight in June. They seemed to rebound well with only 1 having a lot of die off. This bacterial infection is more common in years of high wind and storms(U of MN).

Offline dakids

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Looks awesome!!!!  Hopefully all the work pays off for many years to come.
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Online deadeye

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Like dakids said, it looks great!  Not much more satisfying than improving your hunting land.
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