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Author Topic: 2022-2023 Ice Fishing Leader Board  (Read 798 times)

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Ice Fishing Leader Board


1st Place: Dakids 22.50" Walleye Total: 22.50"

2nd Place: JerkBait 22.00" Walleye Total: 22.00"

3rd Place: LPS 21.25" Walleye Total: 21.25"

4th Place: deadeye 19.75" Walleye Total: 19.75"

5th Place: Boar 19.00" Walleye Total: 19.00"


1st Place: Boar 14.50" Crappie Total: 14.50"

2nd Place: KenW 14.50" Crappie Total: 14.50" (I excepted his photo)

3rd Place: JerkBait 13.00" Perch Total: 13.00"

4th Place: Dakids 11.25" Crappie Total: 11.25"

5th Place: deadeye 10.00" Perch Total: 10.00"

6th Place: glenn57 9.75" Crappie Total: 9.75"


1st Place: Dakids 31.25" Pike Total: 31.25"

2nd Place: LPS 27.75" Pike Total: 27.75"

3rd Place: glenn57 26.25" Pike Total: 26.25"


1st Place: Dakids 22.50" Walleye, Crappie 11.25", Pike 31.25" Total: 65.00"
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