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Author Topic: Thermal Drone  (Read 791 times)

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Offline Pulleye16

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1st, I hate drones and it would probably be hard not to shot one down, but I do think this is pretty cool technology...and scary at the same time.

(just skip to the actual footage)

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Offline Steve-o

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Drones tech IS amazing.  I think about the first military observation drones in the 90s and what they must have cost to develop - millions and millions I'm sure to develop all the inertial navigation, cameras, flight platforms, etc.

Now you can get all that exact same technology - with IR (except without military range or ruggedness) - for a few hundred bucks.

One thing he didn't say in the video was whether or not the 'yotes were eatin' on the dead buck.  Obviously this guy didn't fly a wide enough search pattern to find the deer, but I do wonder how much faster the carcass would have cooled down after the coyotes tore into it - cooler meat, less IR signature.