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Author Topic: Old Dog Learning New Tricks  (Read 122 times)

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Last year my goal was to find a guide on Superior who jigged Lake Trout in the open water.  I found that guide and I have been hooked.  Previously I had always caught my lake trout jigging through the ice in Canada but had never caught one in the open water.   I learned and gathered a TON of information on those trips.   Some may ask why hire a guide when you have the equipment?   I call it tuition.  Most of the time I am not a big troller.  I am a jig fisherman.  There is just something about seeing that fish on your electronics, getting it to engage in a chase and feeling that fish slam your lure.   Most of the day we jigged tubes in anywhere from 50 - 160' of water.   We used our electronics to locate fish and targeted that (those) fish.  

My summer goal is to fish this big lake multiple times this summer and fall.  I plan to jig as much as I can but then I will also do some trolling for the salmon (that I have never caught in MN) as well.    Also not opposed to anyone who wants to jump in and give it a try as well.  Just keep in mind that I am no expert on this but I want to learn how to do it more and how to do it better. 
 I am open to any hints and tricks that anyone might want to share with me.    Also interested in inland lakes to fish on days when the wind keeps you off the big lake.