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Author Topic: The colors are coming  (Read 688 times)

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Offline deadeye

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Man, the swamps are dry. Yesterday I went and checked out a few things at the land. I just took the wheeler and headed across a swamp. I had never driven there before so was a bit concerned. No problem as I didn't even get a wet wheel. This is not a small swamp as my adventure covered over 400 yards. Only one short spot had a hole but it too was dry. I marked it so if it ever rains and I go this route I need to keep it between the flags. lol.

I put a trail camera at this location for the first time.
Should be fun to see what turns up.

Only spot across 400 yards of swamp that could potentially be an issue.
That is IF it ever rains again. 

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Offline mike89

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yes they are!!   seen sumac that was changing colors way over a month ago!!! 
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Online Dotch

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Pretty cool deadeye. Some of the ash, boxelder, and silver maple are changing color here. The nannyberries are getting some red without the powdery mildew that usually dulls their color. The sumac on our road cut was still green this morning so not sure what's up with that. Too much runoff from the sheep feedlot? Oh ya, it hasn't rained enough for it to run off all summer...:doah:
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