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Author Topic: OUCH!....(graphic)  (Read 4079 times)

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Credit: Musky Insider

Well, looks like it's been quite a November for Green Bay guide Bret Alexander.

He started the month off right with some big muskies and super-sized Walters, but things quickly took a turn for the worse when a jointed crank flew out of a walleye's mouth and into his eye:

Two weeks later he's back in the boat chasing muskies again.

Mike Keyes talked him into filming a last-minute show, and turns out the big 'skies couldn't hide from Bret, even with just one working eye.

Huge props on getting back on the water and sticking some muskies before the season closes out! Doesn't look like he NEEDS one, but I still think he should've rocked an eye patch for the shoot. 😉

BTW Sounds like Bret is a few surgeries away from regaining vision in his left eye, so make sure to send up some thoughts and prayers for our esox chasin' brother!
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that's a bad one for sure!!! ouch!!
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 :shocked: :crazy: Looks like that could've hurt, hope everything turns out OK for him. :happy1: :cool:
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OUCH is right.  Scary close call. 

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Double ouch.
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