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Author Topic: 2020 MNO Deer Hunting Contest  (Read 219 times)

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Official sign-up thread for the 2020 MNO Big Buck Contest.

Eligibility - You just need to be a member of MNO and plan to hunt deer this year.
Photos - Proof of each deer killed will be a photo (one per member) submitted with you and your deer in the picture with piece of paper with “MNO 2020” on it. No photo shopped photos will be accepted. This is a fun contest so let’s keep it fun by being honest.
Please try to take a second picture of the antlers so the judges can see the number of points and size.

Scoring rules: The biggest racked buck wins (prize to be named later) In case of a tie (by points), the first one posted (by date) wins. But, obviously, a 190” 10 pointer would beat a 120” 10 pointer

End - This contest will end on December 31st and pictures must be submitted by 11:59 PM of that day.  Have fun, be safe and we hope to see a lot of good pictures.
Please sign up below, take the next available number.

For the winner, I will donate a t-shirt from the Fawk-kinn-ae web site or a MNO t-shirt, your choice.

Thanks, and HAVE FUN!


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Let me be the first to get in and jinx myself for the year

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i'm in like flin!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fudd: :fudd: :Deer: :Deer: :Deer: :Deer:
2015 deer slayer!!!!!!!!!!

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ya know,  i just might not enter. this way i go out a Champion. Like Payton Manning..but what fun would that be not shouving my greatness and CHAMPION skill down glenns throat every year..........ok im in!!
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I’ll take a spot!

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I will join the fun.
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  I'll be number 6. Have a nice ten pointer on camera, hope he's still around in Nov. Anywho, HD I would like to donate a MDHA cap and shirt if you'd like. Let me know. Thanks. :happy1: :happy1:

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#8 - I'll see if I can shoot a buck this year before my wife fills my tag again . . .