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Author Topic: John Madden~  (Read 797 times)

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Offline snow1

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Folks either loved the guy or hated the man,either way he was a legend,sadly I never payed much attention back in his golden years but watched his tribute last night,darn good one at that.RIP.

Offline Gunner55

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Grew up listening to him & Pat Summerall do NFL games on CBS, they were awesome!!
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Offline Steve-o

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Just catching up...

I missed the Christmas Day Fox retrospective.  I'm hoping I can stream that somewhere soon.

And I missed most of the tributes as well - at least the in-depth ones.

Yeah, he and Summerall were the best thing going, but IMHO, Summerall was the straw that kept that drink stirred.  He had the dulcet-toned voice (like Herb Carneal) and his calls were always understated compared to Madden's over-the-top antics.  As I recall - toward the end of Madden's tenure - his schtick was no longer fresh and innovative - and despite his great knowledge of the game and insights - he became a caricature of himself.  Still, an all-time great whose legacy to the game will never be equaled.   R.I.P.