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Author Topic: Turkey hunters can apply now for......  (Read 1206 times)

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Turkey hunters can apply now for Mille Lacs, Carlos Avery or Whitewater WMA permits

Turkey hunters can apply now for Mille Lacs, Carlos Avery or Whitewater WMA permits
Turkey hunters have until Friday, Feb. 11, to apply for turkey hunting permits for the A-C spring hunting seasons in the Mille Lacs, Carlos Avery and Whitewater wildlife management areas. This application is required for turkey hunters age 18 and over hoping to bag a tom turkey with a firearm in these WMAs, and successful applicants are selected through a permit lottery.

All other spring turkey licenses will go on sale March 1 for hunting that takes place during several seasons from mid-April to the end of May.

More details: Find turkey hunting season dates
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Because I was curious...

Permits per each time period A-C:

Mille Lacs WMA = 10
Carlos Avery = 30 (17,324 acres)
Whitewater WMS = 150 (21,664 acres)

5 times the number of hunters in Whitewater compared to Carlos Avery?   :scratch:  Lord knows there are lots of birds down there, but that's an awful lot of hunters.  They must figure with all the bluffs and ravines that it will hold more hunters.   :bonk:  No thanks.